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About us.

You’ve found the best place if you are looking for unique, one-of-a-kind devil sticks!
If you do not have one, you can choose your favourite and easily get your beautiful, own stick here!

Full fiberglass sticks for flexibility – Full silicone for best grip!
One-of-a-kind decoration – Shipping in EU: 5€!
3 year money-back guarantee!

Here you can find our unique and basic devil sticks! Find the one for you!

Here you can find our unique and basic flowersticks!

Find the one for you!

We have fiberglass flowersticks, meaning they are flexible and unbreakable (at least by children).
They are covered in silicon, which is a material that is really sticky on its surface, and it makes
the game easier to learn.

All of our flowersticks are HANDMADE!

Check out the best flowerstick prices for unique sticks on the web!

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You can now have your special juggling tool!

Ever since we have started fabricating sticks, we have always admired the variability of colors and patterns.
We have seen a lot, since we have been doing it for 22 years now.

Decorating stuff is fun!
Especially, when you can use the decorated stuff afterwards.
We have done spirals and crosses, lines and dots, everything you can imagine, still hasn’t used a percent of our options.

When it comes to unique devil sticks, we always make sure that no two sticks are ever the same. 
The decoration we apply is hand-cut, hand placed and sometimes hand painted. In addition, we put every layer on with extra care, love and devotion.

Of course, we are not a factory, therefore sometimes there are mistakes.
However, we are proud to say that most of the cases you cannot tell the difference between a factory-made and our handmade sticks (if yes then for the better).

We would like you to stand out, we want you to be UNIQUE!
The team will keep uploading the newest and best looking sticks to our page, and will give you nice, moderate flowerstick prices!

SkillySticks Team doesn’t duplicate, copy or re-animate. 😀 
The genetics of our flowersticks is always fresh and new! Come back from time to time to check it for yourself!