Flowerstick Tricks

You can find some basic tricks here. It is really important to practice these tricks to perfection,
as most of the complex, more advanced tricks are based on these basics.

Start with the first levels, practice, and when you can play the basics with your eyes closed,
then you can move on to more difficult tricks while advancing with the flowerstick school.

The top video shows you the starting lesson step by step.
The second video keeps repeating the move, so you can practice and take a look simultaneously.

Basic 1. "Tik-tak" - Flowerstick tricks

Put the stick on the ground. Starting from the side, swing it from left to right, then back. Try to lift it upwards a little, until the bottom end starts jumping on the ground.

When it turns over, keep it down for 0,5 seconds, and push it back after a little pause. This helps your hand to handle it slowly, calmly. Your reflexes tell you to act immediately as the stick touches the driver (hand stick), but that immediate reaction will throw you off the rythm.

Try to adjust the power you are using. Try it stronger, than try it lighter. The perfect energy is when the stick keeps its level, so it doesn’t jump away, but neither does it fall in between the drivers.


– if you play it too fast, the game will lose its rythm,
– if you play it too slow, the stick will fall in between the drivers,
– if you only push it sidewards, it will not start swinging. Try to throw it sidewards and also upwards in the same time,
– if you throw it too hard, it will fly away all the time,
– if you play it too weak, it will constantly drop between your drivers.

Don’t forget to practice this trick to perfection, as you will need it to the more complex flowerstick tricks later. This step is inevitable in flowerstick school!

Basic 2. "Flip" - Flowerstick tricks

While you are playing the “Tik-tak”, and the stick is on the side, throw it a little bit stronger. Let it make a full turn, before you catch it with your other hand. Always catch it close to the top of the stick, that way it will stop the stick and – after a little delay – you can throw it back.

Be patient, do not rush. You always have to wait for the rhythm of the stick, so you have to wait a second for the stick to stop, and you can throw it back after this little “pause”.


– if you throw it too strong, the stick will fly away or it will start turning like a propeller. It is harder to control the stick while it is speeded up, so try to use the proper amount of strength,
– if you throw it too slow, it is not going to arrive to your other driver properly, and it is going to be harder to catch,
– if you do not catch it softly, following the stick until it goes horizontal, the stick might jump off your driver,
– if you do not wait a bit when you have stopped the stick, you will lose the rhythm and its momentum.

Basic 3. Preparing for "Propeller"

Now, playing the basic “Tik-tak” again. When the stick is on the side, you put your other driver a few centimeters under the middle of the flowerstickt, and let it roll over.

You catch the middle stick with the same driver, of which the middle stick has just turned over.


– now you have to start the middle stick with the right amount of strength, so concentrate and practice!
– if you start it too strong, it will jump over the other driver and roll off it.
– but if you don’t start it strong enough, the stick is going to lose its momentum and it will stop, it will not turn over.
– take care of your receiving hand. It just touches the stick, pulls it up for a short moment and after that it catches the stick right away. Be fast!
– you do not have to pull the drivers out of the plain of the rotation, as you would do it by reflex. Hold your driver still in front of you, let the middle stick sit on it, roll over it, and then catch it softly WITH THE SAME HAND.

This step in learning flowerstick tricks is equally important to all the previous ones!