Shipping and Delivery

We send you our Flowersticks via postal service with priority mark.

It is important to know, that the delivery time can be different to every continent. Since our headquarters is in Europe, it has happened before, that the package has been delivered in a week to Europe, but it took more than a month to America or to Asia. It’s not in every case, but it can happen. You should also know, that when the package left the EU, we can not follow it anymore. The procedure takes more time, because the packages coming from foreign countries have to go through lots of controll, so everyone can get what they ordered safely, as will you. 😊

Returns & Exchanges

If your chosen Flowerstick arrives faulty, or it does not arrive at all, please contact us, and we will send you a new one, free of charge.


Flowerstick is a skill improving juggling game, with which we play with balance. It improves your sense of rythym, hand-eye coordination, and the communication between your left and right brain hemispheres.

Every set has 3 pieces, 1 middle stick (the so called flowerstick), and 2 pieces of drivers (hand sticks).

All of our Flowersticks are handmade. We have two types of sets, but the main stick in the middle (the flowerstick) is always made of fiberglass. We place the design on the fiberglass core, and put the silicon on. At the end, we put black rubber on the two ends. The single-colored, black or purple painted set comes with silicon coated wooden core drivers, and the unique designed ones come with fiberglass cored drivers, and with matching design to the middle stick.

Because of the dust and the grease from your skin, the Flowerstick can lose it’s stickiness over time. But no problem! You can easily clean the silicone part with soap and water (but don’t submerge it under water!). After, you just wipe it dry with a clean cloth of some sort, and it’s done. 😌

Although we designed our Flowesticks durable, you can also make a little effort to keep it nice and playable longer. For example, you should avoid playing close to sea water or sandy places, because salt and sand can cause damage to the silicon coating, and the material loses it’s stickiness.

On our website, under the „Tricks” tag, you can find our tutorial videos with the first basic tricks, with which you can practice the first steps, and feel the rythym of the game. We will make more videos soon, but until then, if you wish to improve your skills further, the Internet offers you a lot of tutorial videos.